Farts HD

Farts HD A rambunctious app to waft away the most serious of days. Farts HD is perfect for connoisseurs or amateur farters, providing a smorgasbord of fart sounds for all occasions. Featuring a variety of backdoor trumpet noises, fart games and even a unique Fart Composer - putting the power of the fart in your hands! Bottom burp, butt bombs, ass blast, trouser trumpet, air biscuit, frump, grunt, sphincter whistles - whatever you call them, Farts HD is the only fart app you could ever need.

Easy to use, intuitive, colourful, no adverts and lots of fun for all the family. Farts HD will keep you laughing for days.

When the Fart is strong enough that it burns or loud that alerts a neighbor's dog, then you know it's a good one. Don't be ashamed to claim such a masterpiece!